Queen of Fruit – Strawberry

Strawberry is also called red berry, poplar berry, berry, strawberry appearance was heart-shaped, delicious red tender, juicy flesh, sweet and sour delicious, rich fragrance, not only color, but also the general fruit does not have the pleasant aroma, is a rare fruit color, fragrance, taste good. Experts say that strawberry has strong antioxidant power and high nutritional value, so it is regarded as the holy fruit of whitening and moisturizing and enhancing immunity, and has the reputation of “fruit queen”.

Strawberry nutrition is rich, rich in a variety of effective ingredients, every 100 grams of fresh fruit flesh contains vitamin C60 milligrams, higher than apple, grape content. The pulp contains a lot of carbohydrate, protein, organic acid, pectin and other nutrients. Vitamin C is an important nutrient for skin synthesis of collagen, plus vitamin A, E and iron are good for skin, so strawberry has whitening, moisturizing, anti-oxidation, enhance immunity and other functions. Experts say, every 100 grams of strawberry’s vitamin C content is 69.2 milligrams, human body a day’s recommended intake is 100 milligrams, therefore, eat 160 grams of strawberries a day (about 10 large strawberries or 16 small and medium-sized strawberries), can achieve a day’s recommended intake.

Strawberries are also rich in phytolins, which have antioxidant properties. Among them, ellagic acid can adsorb, inhibit the destruction of carcinogens, have detoxification effect, ferulic acid can be anti-aging, contribute to the maintenance of the brain, therefore, strawberry can prevent cancer, and have the effect of protecting liver health.

The person with high potassium content nephropathy should not eat jam

Strawberry heat is not high, belongs to the fruit of medium dietary fiber, also contains the pectin that promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis, can help defecate. The expert points out, strawberry is high potassium fruit, the winter had better be the fruit to eat, do not enter dish, can prevent the occurrence of disease of hypertension, heart and blood vessel. People with poor kidney function and calcium oxalate stones should not eat too many strawberries, and squeezing into strawberry juice or making into jam will greatly increase the oxalic acid content, so patients should not eat them.